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Title IX and Equal Opportunity


Technology Accessibility

Websites and online learning are one component of technology accessibility, which also includes interoffice emails, software, electronic devices and technology-facilitated interactive content:

"All University web pages should be accessible in some form to those with disabilities, be they technological barriers (slow modems) or physical barriers (users with impaired vision). This is not just State law, but good sense: the more users who can access your information the better. . . . This is the same spirit as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which presently ensures no one is barred from accessing any physical University property (ie., access ramps, braille signs, etc.). Note this isn't a dictate that all users experience your pages equally, only that all users can access them equally."

For more information, see the full Executive Summary of UH Web Accessibility Standards.

Faculty and Staff can check documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, emails and other electronic content using the UHV Accessibility Checklist.

If you locate a section of the UHV website, including audios/videos and documents, that does not meet accessibility standards, please note the URL of the page and email

Letter from the President:

Dear UHV Faculty and Staff,

UHV strives to achieve technology accessibility for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. Accessible technology ensures quality interactions with online and classroom technologies, workplace applications, campus messaging and website content. UHV values and benefits from inclusion of a diverse body of students, faculty and staff members. Technology accessibility empowers these members to access resources in their academic and career pursuits.

To assist faculty and staff in welcoming all participants in the UHV community, UHV’s Training and Development office provides resources on the Accessibility page of the Intranet. The resources are adopted under the guidance of a Technology Accessibility Advisory Committee. The committee has representation and participation of all three schools, Technology Services, Disability Services and Equal Opportunity Services.

For questions about training resources, contact Eunice Mesa. For questions about the Advisory Committee, contact Rebecca Lake.

R. Vic Morgan


Advisory Committee on Technology Accessibility

The Advisory Committee on Technology Accessibility is an open-forum, working body of staff and faculty members designed to provide input on campus climate, programs and training materials. Committee participants will have the opportunity to review, test and provide comments on sneak peaks of forthcoming training materials. Participants will have the option to lead campus culture change by serving as spokespeople and role models for an accessible online and physical environments. Participants guide and shape the discourse surrounding future implementation and policies that impact the University as a whole.

For questions about the Advisory Committee, please call 361-570-4835 or email Rebecca Lake.

Training and Resources

UHV provides on-campus workshops, webinar discussion groups and individual self-guided resources (Skills on Demand) to help faculty and staff achieve technology accessibility. Skills on Demand provides 24/7 resources for individuals to self-study about topics that are targeted to specific professional functions. Faculty and staff can learn more about these resources by visiting the Accessibility at UHV tab on the UHV Intranet or contacting Eunice Mesa

The Accessibility Tier Training Program sets out a structure for employees seeking to gain foundational knowledge in Accessibility issues. The Program incorporates self-guided skills training, timely webinars on specialized topics as well as state and federal public resources addressing accesibility. The Tier Training Program currently enrolls every Accessibility Point Person designated by University departments and is overseen by the UHV Training Department.

Additional Resources

For additional information for faculty and students, program descriptions and accommodations-related services, visit UHV Disability Services website.

For concerns about discrimination, consider the University of Houston Anti-Discrimination Policy. For questions about the policy, to learn about services or to discuss the complaint process, contact Rebecca Lake.

For additional policy language on technology accessibility, view the Interim University of Houston System Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility Policy.